6 Cheaper Alternative To Granite to Design Your Home

Cheaper Alternative To Granite – Quartzite was surging in popularity because this post was printed. It’s the advantages of granite but it seems a great deal more like granite and sometimes a far more exotic rock. As it is a pure rock there are plenty of unique colors designs and variations. Like quartz, it is stronger than granite, however, you may set hot pans on it because it is not man-made with resins. There are a whole lot of other advantages also like it will not etch and the majority of them do not have to be sealed just like granite will. We have a cheaper alternative to granite in our kitchen since we desired the durability but we still do regret not understanding about quartzite earlier. Test it out prior to making your final decision since it is a better choice than marble or quartz. Though I have been trying hard to persuade people differently, granite countertops are still king. However, in case the dim, speckly rock leaves one cold, fear not! There are choices. Below are eight of the favorites.

Engineered Stone or Quartz

Engineered Stone or Quartz - Cheaper Alternative To Granite

Engineered stone countertops, such as Caesarstone and Silestone, are made from small pieces of stone combined with a binder and then molded into counter contours. The outcome is something which resembles stone and can be super-durable. If you enjoy the appearance but not the care of marble, then this may be a great selection for you. Quartz countertops are also a fantastic pick if you’re choosing an extremely minimal appearance since there are choices which are pure white or pure black, or without a veining. The disadvantage: engineered rock is just one of the costlier countertop choices.

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Concrete – Cheaper Alternative To Granite

Concrete - Cheaper Alternative To Granite

Concrete countertops come with a beautiful, raw elegance that you simply receive the motion and organic feel of rock, with all the industrial advantage of stainless steel. They are sometimes poured in almost any depth you prefer, which may result in some really wonderful advantage details. And if you are particularly useful, you may even sew and put in your concrete countertops.

Tile – Cheaper Alternative To Granite

Tile - Cheaper Alternative To Granite

In the event that you believed tile countertops were just for bohemians and individuals trapped in the ’80s, allow this fashionable kitchen show you wrong. As for me, I believe tile countertops, particularly white ones, may possess a certain timelessness. That is something I have never noticed before but find quite attractive: a countertop and backsplash made out of cent tiles. The curved transition between the countertop and backsplash is a wonderful detail. Go for dim grout if you don’t are interested in being always scrubbing.

Marble – Cheaper Alternative To Granite

Marble - Cheaper Alternative To Granite

Experts: Magnificent. Can be a less cheap alternative to granite. Significant Con: Super high-maintenance. Marble, as it is softer and more porous than granite, may stain or etch really readily. But if you adore the appearance, it might be well worth it for you to be super cautious about cleanup red wine and lemon juice. Religion, our Kitchen editor set a great deal of consideration into her pick of granite countertops for the kitchen.

Stainless Steel – Cheaper Alternative To Granite

Stainless Steel - Cheaper Alternative To Granite

Stainless Steel is durable, easy to wash, and includes a wonderful industrial-modern feel. The drawback? Stainless steel countertops could be quite pricey. Read more about stainless steel countertops

Soapstone – Cheaper Alternative To Granite

Soapstone - Cheaper Alternative To Granite

This darkened rock with light veining includes a gorgeous, old-world texture. Easier to maintain than marble (but still higher upkeep compared to a cheaper alternative to granite). Want to find out more about soapstone?

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